This is my personal place where I share what I've been doing during all my life, which is probably the same amount of time I spent eating or sleeping.

I was born and raised in Spain. I lived and work in London, in Paris, in Berlin, in Tokyo and now in Los Angeles. I move and travel around cycling. 

I received some warm and rewarding awards.  EMMY ( 2013 ) and an ANNIE ( 2013 ) for my work in Disney's "Tron Uprising" as Best Art Director/Production Designer.

I highly appreciate such a recognition. It full fills my ego and reinforces what I do every day.

I´m  currently directing a film for Oculus Story in San Francisco  and Im working on my personal film " What is love", currently in production.

I´m  also very busy working at Sony Animation.

.But If you want to talk to me, say hi,  ( or whatever you need ) you can write to me personally at