This is my personal place where I share what I've been doing during all my life, which is probably the same amount of time I spent eating or sleeping.

For more extended information about my work and life you can navigate this site. Here a little summary:

I was born and raised in Spain. I lived and work in London, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo and now in Los Angeles. I move and travel around cycling. 

Among my projects: Gorillaz, Harry Potter, Beatles ROckBAnd cinematic intro, Tron Uprising, Love Death and Robots…

I love animation over any art, because it has every art on it.

I dedicated all my life to it, therefore Im focused on bringing better and smarter animation for a more targeted audience.

Around twothousendandsomething I created PINKMNAN.TV

I received a Prime Time EMMY ( 2013 ) and an ANNIE ( 2013 ) awards for my work in Disney's "Tron Uprising" as best Production Designer.

I was The Production Designer for “In to the Spiderverse” until my relation with Sony ended up things . You can read the full story in the “commercial” section on this website.

I Wrote, Designed and Directed : “THE WITNESS” an animated film part of the very new and successful Netflix Antology: LOVE DEATH AND ROBOTS, Created by Tim Miller and David Fincher. And Im so proud of this.

I´m  currently directing another very personal film:” THE WINDSHIELD WIPER” coming NOW 2019. 


First of all: THANKS.

Im afraid I don’t design or do Art Direction or Production Design if Im not Directing. I dont work on Commercial pitch if Im not attached as the Director.

I dont do commission paintings or portraits at the moment.

I love to hear from you if you are an student or another artist but please keep in mind that I cannot answer emails that are time consuming . Like: “How can I be a good art director?”, or “can you tell me the insights of your process when you were working on….” I dont want to be rude but I really dont have the time to work on emails! ( at least now )

For inquires please email: