This is my personal place where I share what I've been doing during all my life, which is probably the same amount of time I spent eating or sleeping.

Excuse any typo, is late in the eve and English is not my first language. Please read with an accent.

I was born and raised in Spain. I lived and work in London, in Paris, in Berlin, in Tokyo and now in Los Angeles. I move and travel around cycling. 

I love animation.

I love it because is a mix of EVERY art and a perfect tool to tell any kind of story. I dedicated all my life to it, risking friends, time and relationships. However mainstream animation industry is boring. EXTREMELY boring. And I hate it with all my fucking soul. We work on solid boring pipelines to produce the same safe, family friendly films to shell Happy Meals and toys at Wallmart.

I have nothing against children’s movies, but I dream with a more targeted audience projects and smarter uses for this technique.

I want to do different animation and I want to change the industry.

I received a Prime Time EMMY ( 2013 ) and an ANNIE ( 2013 ) awards for my work in Disney's "Tron Uprising" as best Production Designer.

I´m  currently directing a personal film:” THE WINDSHIELD WIPER” coming 2017. 

If by any chance you thinking on working with me, please read carefully:

I don’t do Art Direction or Production Design for others. 

I don’t paint backgrounds for others. 

I also don't work on movies with animals talking. ( NEVER )

I only work on projects that take animation seriously. 

But If you want to talk to me, say hi,  ( or whatever you need ) you can write to me personally at